BBS Legal specializes in handling business-as-usual portfolios and matters, allowing our customers’ lawyers to focus on business-critical issues. By focusing on run-the-company issues, not bet-the-company matters, we operates differently from traditional law firms. Aligning a specialized law consultant with the company specific needs significantly lowers legal spend and substantially increases efficiency without compromising outcomes.

Innovation, Getting the Job Done, and How to Keep it Simple

We do not hide that we want to be a positive force in the world – to make a difference. To do this, we adopted some of the great ideas put forward by Harvard Business School :


We believe that big law firms serve well for the most demanding, most valuable, bet-the-company advice in the legal market. BBS Legal provides opportunities that are more suitable, for a lower cost, for a new type of job: business-as-usual, business of law. Our innovative business solutions are led by professionals, supported by experience and valued as whole, not by hour.

Getting Things Done

In general, people buy a product or service that meets their actual needs. BBS consultative approach requires that we spend a lot of time with our customers and bringing people to the table who have walked in their shoes. Over time we come to understand our customers’ actual needs, goals, and motivations – and we are on a mission to make the lives of our customers easier.

Keep it Simple 

We believe the overall demand for legal services is growing. Drivers include the explosion of data, globalization, and the requirements to comply with a more complex regulatory environment. Business is becoming digital and moving faster than ever. The industry is exploring new ways of getting legal work done, among other things thanks to the emergence of a new type of legal service provider – one like BBS Legal.