Short-term rentals and ad hoc purchases are often expensive and unreliable. We are here to help your company consolidate your fleet operations into more sensible and reliable processes. Our long-term leasing and rental program includes fast vehicle acquisition, flexible financing terms, maintenance and more basic services to streamline fleet operations and improve customer service.

3-Step Fleet Consulting Process

Step 1: Research and Analyze
First, our fleet consultants start by reviewing your fleet data. We identify opportunities for improvement and use predictive analytics to deliver data-driven solutions that lead to significant changes throughout the life cycle of a fleet vehicle.

Step 2: Develop and Implement Strategies
After discussing the options and developing a customized strategy, we provide tools to monitor and manage your fleet costs and trends. We analyze major fleet cost factors, performance, behavior and sustainability targets to set benchmarks and target new opportunities.

Step 3: Continually Optimize
Our consultants will constantly work with you to ensure that your goals are achieved and your profits are kept over time. This iterative process enables us to continue to offer proactive recommendations for continual improvement, best practice and highest efficiency.