Our approach to Strategy

At Brynczak Business Solutions, we perceive consulting as a multifunctional effort aimed at changing the current trajectory of the company, both operational, strategic and financial. Whether your business needs a complete overhaul or just some minor tips for much needed changes, we’ll be on your side until the goal is met.

BBS Consulting’s strategy services assist clients with all areas of a business, including:

New market entry

Market expansion

Brand position

Assessment and implementation of new programs

Revenue growth strategies

We work closely with you to jointly implement solutions that meet your strategic vision. Our multidisciplinary approach is driven by a team of in-house consultants who understand your needs – you can be sure our partners will thoroughly research your brands and operations, stakeholder perceptions and your industry as a whole.

How BBS delivers digital solutions

As companies spend billions on digital transformation, the efficient use of technology is critical to the success of almost any business. At Brynczak Business Solutions, we consult organizations on all digital issues, including transformation, strategy, customer service, evaluation and production.

We guide you on your digital path by:

Developing a strategy and transformation roadmap

Analyzing how digital business models may differ from traditional norms in your industry

Reviewing economical factors and identifying strategic priorities

Compiling data and viewing it through the lens of your organization’s objectives and risk profiles

We support your crucial decisions, including:

How to create the most value from your digital and technological functions

How to manage the digitization of your core business, while simultaneously reducing risk

How to accelerate the digital transformation of your organization